The Benedetto Marcello Project, born in 2014, is a recording project of the Psalms set to music by Benedetto Marcello, taken from L’Estro poetico armonico, and is still being implemented by the Salomone Rossi Ensemble.

The Ensemble wishes to record eight Psalms from the collection, integrating Psalms 15th and 21st of the two CDs already published (released in 2018 by Concerto Classics and in 2021 by Dynamic)


The aim of the Project is to focus attention on those Psalms which contain the transcriptions of the eleven Jewish songs – called Intonazioni – melodies from Venetian synagogues, as well as two Hymns from classical Greek times

The project is new, it has never been fully realized: the discography offers recordings of various Psalms chosen in an inorganic way.  The Benedetto Marcello Project takes the form of a high cultural target, aimed at finding new interpretative answers for a complex work, appreciated by musicians and writers such as Rossini, Verdi and Goethe, a project which still has many sides to discover

Valuing a testimony at risk of oblivion

The recovery of Benedetto Marcello’s work and the recording of the Psalms, the Jewish Intonazioni and the two Greek Hymns are an important cultural operation to enhance and maintain a testimony at risk of oblivion.

In 2024, we celebrate the 300th anniversary of the publication of the first volume of L’Estro poetico armonico, a collection published in eight volumes between 1724 and 1728.

Brescia will be the capital of culture in 2023, an opportunity to organize events such as concerts, day seminar and conferences there, to raise expectations for 2024.

The CDs and concerts in which the Ensemble Salomone Rossi performs, are aimed at a very diversified public in all age groups.

These events are placed in the most current contemporaneity for their values of free and immediate use of a musical heritage, much appreciated by the public.


Benedetto Marcello di Vincenzo Roscioni
Lydia Cevidalli

A project of broad convergences 

The project also has a social value: it involves no less than 22 musicians and operators in the music, entertainment and discography sectors and aims to give a job perspective to many young musicians.

The Associazione Italiana Amici dell’Università di Gerusalemme and the Accademia Ambrosiana of Milan have supported the project since its beginning; archive research and historical analysis are carried out in collaboration with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and with Marco Bizzarini, professor of Musicology at the Università Federico II of Naples.

In 2018, the Global Thinking Foundation financed a Seminar Day on Benedetto Marcello, a concert at the Sala Alessi of Palazzo Marino in Milan and the recording of the CD released in 2021 by Dynamic.

Effettobibbia of Bergamo participated in the divulgation of the Benedetto Marcello Project, inviting the Ensemble Salomone Rossi to perform on various occasions.


Part already done

The first CD, Salmi e Sonate di Benedetto Marcello, published by Concerto Classics, was released in 2018.

The second CD, Psalms and Sonates by Benedetto Marcello, published by Dynamics, was released in 2021; it obtained support and contributions of the Global Thinking Foundation, the Associazione Italiana Amici dell’Università di Gerusalemme and the Accademia Ambrosiana of Milan.

Both CDs have been presented in public and private radio broadcasts in Italy and abroad, as well as in the national and foreign press.

Press review


Planning a new phase

 The Ensemble wishes to complete the scheduled recordings

 The next Psalms to be recorded are:

  • One Psalm for soprano and basso continuo
  • Eight Psalms for groups of voices in choral formation alternating with solo parts, in addition to the basso continuo
  • Instrumental repertoire for each CD, to create listening variety.

Participation is expected from the Rothschild Foundation Hanadiv Europe


Thomas Chigioni
Giovanni Togni


Planning a new phase – Recording of 3 CDs

The project includes three sessions, divided into four or five days of recording with soloists, choir, conductor and musicians.

Estimated time to complete the entire project: 18-24 months.

The project can be separated and even one of the three sessions can be carried out with a grant. In this case, the estimate may need to be modified for each individual section. Partial donations are also welcome.

Musicians involved: soloists, choir, first violin and artistic direction, second violin, cello, double bass, harpsichord, theorbo, conductor.

Record company: Dynamic


Lydia Cevidalli

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The Associazione Italiana Amici dell’Università di Gerusalemme, of which Lydia Cevidalli is a councilor,
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