Vittorio Veneto Ebraica

Since 2015 the Circle for the Conservation of Vittorio Veneto Ebraica has been active in the organization of cultural events: concerts, events, presentations, visits to the Jewish places of Vittorio Veneto. The association operates within the city, with the aim of making the population of the whole area know an important heritage of its history and with the aim of finding ways to restore the Jewish buildings and places of Vittorio Veneto.

The former ghetto of Ceneda, the grain warehouses

The most important building of the former ghetto of Ceneda, now Vittorio Veneto, is that of the grain warehouses: it cannot be visited as it is in precarious conditions and at risk of definitive collapse. On the facade of the portico of the warehouses there is a plaque which, in Hebrew and Latin letters, contains a verse from the Bible: “Thou are truly my King and my Lord, who gives us all salvation. Thou saved and strengthened Jacob”; below, another small plaque bears the date 1771 and the monogram of the owner GC (Giacobbe Conegliano). Of the other Jewish sites that can be visited, the Jewish cemetery is the best preserved, with several intact and legible gravestones, others to be restored. Other private houses inhabited by Jewish families in past centuries cannot be visited. In one of these buildings, now used as a private home, there was the synagogue, whose furnishings were brought and exhibited at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem in 1965.

The restoration project would see the warehouse building of the former ghetto as the place named after the Jewish composer Alberto Gentili, born in Vittorio Veneto and famous above all for the discovery of several manuscripts by Vivaldi and Stradella and for the reworking of Monteverdi’s composition , besides being himself composer and first holder in Italy of the chair of History of Music, at the University of Turin.

The building should house a section for the research and cataloguing of his works, in addition to those of the Italian Jewish composers contemporary to him and persecuted during the Shoah.

The building could host a museum dedicated to the “Cosi fan tutti” project, an itinerary between music, art and wine on the trail of Lorenzo Da Ponte, born in the ghetto of Ceneda as Emanuele Coneian and later converted with the name of the archbishop who baptized him.

A section would be devoted to the virtual reconstruction of the Synagogue, which is now located in the Israel Museum, in Jerusalem.


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