L. Sinigaglia, M. Castelnuovo-Tedesco, G.A. Fano, V. Norsa, A. Hemsi

This proposal offers successful and now forgotten works to the leasteners.
Spontaneous songwriting, rhythmic richness and popular melodies of the tradition are the elements that characterize the works of many composers of the early twentieth century.

Some compositions are still unpublished, deposited in private funds or libraries: the research aims to enhance the Italian heritage of the past century, unfairly unrepresented.
Leone Sinigaglia is the most important example of the program: a composer of solid preparation, he has known and worked alongside composers such as Brahms and Dvorak; combines with the singing melodies and vibrant rhythms typical of Italian tradition, the solid structure of the late-romantic German world and the elegance of French aesthetics.

Sinigaglia transcribed for voice and piano the songs heard by the lively peasants of the hills of Cavoretto, near Turin, where the family owned a house. This version was added to others, including one for one or two voices and string quartet in the proposal.

For this program 3 to 6 musicians: trio with piano or string singing and quartet

These programs were performed in Milan in 2014 at the Casa della Cultura, Copenhagen for the “Night of Culture” and in Milan on various occasions in 2012.


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