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Ensemble Salomone Rossi a Belgrado

25 Gennaio 2020 / 20:00 - 22:00

Musical flowers from Jewish Baroque

Marta Fumagalli, mezzosoprano – Issei Watanabe, cello – Diego Cantalupi, archliute – Giovanni Togni, harpsichord 

Rossi Festival in Belgrad is an international music festival, named by the famous Jewish-Italian composer Salomone Rossi (ca.1570-1630). Rossi was a transitional figure between the late Italian Renaissance and early Baroque. His musical style was compound between a classical Renaissance and Jewish traditional texts, written in Hebrew. This combination makes him unique among Baroque composers. One of the most well-known is a famous collection of Jewish liturgical music, Hashirim asher leShlomo (The Songs of Solomon), published in 1623.
Having in mind the nature of Rossi’s work and his contribution to music history, the main objective of the festival is to focus on an intercultural dialog by promoting the respect for diversity and embraces a unique heritage of Jewish, European and Serbian repertoire of the highest musical, artistic and poetic quality. Allowing musicians to evolve through joint musical performances, workshops, advisory sessions and the choice of venues. In these terms, Rossi festival is committed to music education for all ages, young to adult.

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